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12 commandments always beautifully dressed women

Fashion expert Laura Craik for the Glamor fashion magazine revealed the secret and magical formula of timeless chic women. Women who always look so good and not shameful, as if they are not tired of wearing clothes or haircuts, are really rare, but we all know at least one such thing.

The 12 commandments are always perfectly dressed women 11. Never resort to obvious trends. While some expect that each season will collect in the stores a recognizable piece of trophy that shouts “I am in trend”, women with style do not want to be so powerless. They do not wear the most popular handbag of the season simply because it is a hit or “everyone has and I will buy” clothes recommended by the star.

2. “Quality, not quantity” is their mantra. They have no wardrobe. During the sale, they are not subjected to impulsive shopping and the desire to buy a T-shirt model of all colors just because it is reduced by 50 percent. They buy tastefully, with a purpose, something that fits her style and the tableware in her wardrobe.

3. They are obsessed with shirts. You can only tie your shirt with formal situations, but women with style know that this is one of the most versatile items of clothing. Casually, they are worn on the beach in a broken version and at a business meeting embedded in a pencil skirt. They love white or light blue shirts.

4. Shoes are more important than a bag. They pay more attention to what they wear on their feet, and not what hangs on their shoulders. When they have the right shoes, the rest of the combination is simply put on its own. During the day, they love simple shoes with flat soles or low heels. In the evening, they give their imagination their will and choose a variety of models, from those who have velcro and gold studs with ornaments decorated with rivets or models with a pattern of snakes.

The 12 commandments are always beautifully dressed women 25. They can find new flawless fashion brands. What new designer are they talking about? Women with style have known him for months. They discovered it by chance, like most other brands, the clothes they like to wear.

6. Do not bother with a haircut. In the barbershop, they are not looking for a haircut on the example of someone, their hair is simple. They do not use hair iron because it damages their hair. All that most of us hate in our hair (gray, sleepy cracked peaks or scrapers), they accept and “decide.”

7. They are not “variables.” They do not fall in love with brands, but rather the designers behind them and follow their work even after moving to another fashion house.

8. They have a sweater for any occasion. When you don’t know what to do with yourself and your clothes, switch the blue sweater over your shirt. With a round neck, V-shaped notch, short or long, in the afternoon and evening.

9. Do not wear cheap jewelry. As in the case of clothing, jewelry use quality. They prefer to spend money on two or three high-quality jewelery than a million but cheap ones. They avoid the use of cheap trinkets in their image and only decent jewelry is worn, or they do not wear them at all.

The 12 commandments are always perfectly dressed women 310. They care for the skin and do not wear bright makeup. At first glance, you will not even have makeup on your face, but this is a bit incorrect. The second look will show the shadow, the line on the eyelids, thin as a needle, and only a scoop of professionally applied mascara. The gold standard of beauty for them is beautiful and healthy skin.

11. Their underwear is primarily functional. They don’t worry about dancing a day, I get expensive sets of clothes that no one ever sees or pushes off their breasts anyway. They choose a simple bra for the skin, which is not visible under the clothes and the most simple and comfortable panties.

12. Do not make radical changes in your appearance. Like all other fashion lovers, they are delighted with the new, but this does not mean that they will immediately leave their wardrobe and throw out last season’s clothes from it. They will try only those tendencies that are in their taste, they are decorated with high-quality materials, they will bypass everything else.

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