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Denim skirt – with what to wear a denim skirt

Denim skirt is versatile and practical, like all denim. Initially, denim skirts were worn by hippie girls. They actively used the denim skirt-trapeze, fringed products, elongated models.After the denim skirt came to the podium, many variations appeared. Models vary in length, silhouette, cut, decor, shades. This skirt is always in fashion – it is a win-win purchase. The main thing is to find out what to wear with a denim skirt.

Who are denim skirts
A denim skirt is a broad concept. Having thought over not only the style, but also the shade, the length of the skirt, denim density and other elements of the bow, each woman has the right to wear a fashionable thing.

Pencil skirt
If you prefer a business style, you can wear a denim pencil skirt. Note that this model does not fit girls with narrow hips. But the denim pencil skirt will hide the flaws of the figure and all the flaws in the hips and buttocks.

You can wear a denim skirt with buttons. A vertical row of buttons in a contrasting shade visually stretches the silhouette.

Mini skirt
Wearing a short denim skirt is not worth women over 40, even if the figure allows. Straight denim mini skirt successfully beat young girls, wearing with sneakers and sneakers.

A flared short skirt or a wrap denim skirt will help create a romantic look.

Sun skirt
Denim skirt can be worn with T-shirts or short jackets. A long slim denim skirt will hide the perfect legs. A short skirt will increase the volume of the hips, which is beneficial for the V-shaped figure.

Pear girls are not recommended this style – it is better to choose a “pencil” or a straight model.

If you do not have a thin waist, wear a denim skirt to the knees. The model will balance the figure – will extend the line of the hips against the waist.

Floor skirt
Floor-length denim skirt is a choice for summer. They sew long skirts from thin denim – thick fabric will “stand by stake” and cause discomfort when walking. Choose high-slung skirts and tuck the tops inside. So you will increase the length of the legs and make the silhouette attractive.

Even older ladies wear denim skirts. Elegant ladies choose midi length and muted shades.

To the office
In the business wardrobe you can include a denim black pencil skirt. If the skirt is low-slung, choose an elongated blouse or a top with a basky. Dress shirts and blouses in a skirt with a high waistline. Complement the bow classic beige boat.

What to wear denim skirt

Suitable for office skirt straight silhouette. In winter, wear a skirt with tight black tights and a strict pullover.

On a date
In a denim skirt, go on a date. You just have to choose a romantic model. A skirt in a floor of a noble dark shade with a belt-tape, a corset top, jewelry with tassels create a harmonious image in the style of boho.

Wear denim pencil skirt

Flared denim skirts knee-length and higher look no less successful on a date. In addition to the skirt, wear a satin blouse or viscose top.

To the party
Denim skirt with a large print – in such a dress you will definitely remember at the party. Complete your skirt with a denim bomber jacket. The lacing on the pockets echoes the lacing on the chest of the black top. Denim sandals are the perfect combination. Heart earrings create a set with a clutch on a chain.

Wear a knee-length denim skirt

Relevant at a party or club denim skirts:
decorated with rhinestones;
with lace trim;
with appliqués, embroidery;
non-standard or asymmetrical cut;
with leather inserts;
with decorative zippers, rivets.
To the walk
A denim miniskirt and a bright sweatshirt are a comfortable walking option for girls with slender legs. Sneakers, sneakers, slip-ons or moccasins – shoes without heels will not allow the dress to seem provocative at any length of the skirt. From accessories fit backpack or sports bag, cap or baseball cap, leggings, glasses.

Mini skirt

The days of denim as work clothes are a thing of the past. Fashion shows demonstrate denim skirts even for evening events.

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