What to wear with slip-on sneakers - fashionable shoe combinations
Slip-ons are a type of sports shoe. Increasingly, women wear sneakers without laces with dresses and skirts. Such a combination is permissible, because even the designers of the Chanel Fashion…

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Types of bags that every woman should have

Ah, favorite bags; One of the most important accessories in the closet for the girl! Bags – are required, whether you go to school or are you going to spend the evening with a friend. Here is a mandatory list of bags that every woman should own, because we need different bags at different moments of life!

1) Sports
Attending a gym? Do not forget to bring along a nice gym bag to carry all the necessary workout items, such as running shoes, sports bra, deodorant and anything else you may need.

2) Backpack
Every woman attending school needs a nice backpack on her back to carry all her school supplies. There are so many styles that can be chosen from what looks amazing even in the classics!

3) Baguette
Classic baguette styles have the shape of a clutch bag, only this is not a clutch bag familiar to us, but a bag similar to a clutch bag with a long strap. So small and cute, a great choice for everyday wear.

4) Barrel
With a unique cylinder shape, a barrel bag hints about your success without further ado. Usually it has tons of internal storage space, which is a great advantage for women who are very busy and have to carry with them everything they need, including notepads, documents, tablets, and, of course, cosmetics.

5) Beach
You need a handy large bag to drag the items you need onto the beach when you are going to the ocean, sea or your favorite river. Just make sure you choose a quality bag that is not afraid of sand, water, or even time. Definitely, every girl should have such a bag during the summer season!

6) Bucket
Bags, bags or buckets are absolutely delicious, with a large internal storage space and an open lid, sometimes closed with a zipper or tie. Bucket bags are always incredibly deep, so you can store anything from your iPhone to your tablet, from cosmetic to wallet. Usually it is made with one or two interlaced straps for ease of use.

7) Tramp
Hobo bags are “IT” bags, but they are also really great casual bags! They are larger in size and may have unique designs on the outside. Most of them are made with a lock to hide your goodies and keep them safe inside the bag. They are usually worn from the shoulder with a strap length from short to medium length.

8) Evening bag
This stunning bag is perfect for evening wear, with a hard case that is chic and trendy, usually decorated with all sorts of precious stones or semiprecious stones. Unusual, fabulous bag that will accompany you to the highest events.

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