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Knitted women’s and men’s cardigans

Cardigan is one of the types of knitted sweater, which was originally used for warming military uniforms. Later, cozy cardigans began to be used as casual wear, becoming one of the most popular and favorite wardrobe items for women and men.

No wonder cardigans are so popular. They go well with any casual wear. Now cardigans are very diverse in their styles, length and colors. Let’s see what it is best to wear with, having considered a few good street bows.

What to wear with a long cardigan?
Long cardigans are the trend of the season! While lightweight knitted cardigans, which can be worn even in summer, and very massive warm models are popular.

In men’s fashion, long cardigans are not so popular because they look too defiant, not associating with the usual male silhouette. But there are brave guys who are not afraid to experiment with their way.

For example, in this photo you see a very laconic black total-look with a long cardigan and coarse style boots.

Pay attention to the following photo. The young man very successfully combines a black long cardigan with sneakers on a thick sole and a topless actual cap with a smooth visor.

Girls long cardigans relished, becoming one of the main trends of the season. They can be worn with jeans and shorts, wide-brimmed hats are a great addition.

In this photo, you see a discreet urban look with a beige long cardigan, lace top and jeans. Soft blue court shoes make this set more feminine.

If you prefer a more aggressive look, pay attention to the following photo. A long knit cardigan highlights rough boots and a massive leather backpack. Leather skinny pants in combination with a simple white T-shirt look very impressive.

What can I wear with a medium length cardigan?
This cardigan is the most versatile solution that is perfect for both girls and guys. Girls can wear it with dresses / skirts, shorts or jeans. The length is most optimal for a wide variety of combinations. This is perfectly confirmed by the following photos.

Pay attention to this incredibly stylish look. An absolutely simple combination of black jeans with a white T-shirt, begins to play with new colors along with a cardigan. Bright red stripes and a strict silhouette completely transform this outfit.

This juicy spring look is no less attractive. The crimson mohair cardigan echoes the colors of the dress. Blue handbag matched perfectly to match the dress. To the outfit was not predictable, she picked up beige gladiator sandals.

In the next photo you see a very cozy image with a gray cardigan of medium length. This outfit is perfect for the city or travel. The actual, but familiar combination of denim and a plaid shirt becomes more interesting thanks to the accessories: a leather backpack and a volume scarf-collar. Red shoes with rolled jeans look very stylish.

In the next photo look, which is ideal for summer cool weather. Lightweight light cardigan matches perfectly with loose jeans and a striped t-shirt. Inflated sneakers make this kit even more relaxed.

What to wear with a short cardigan?
Guys are very fond of short cardigans, because for them it is the most convenient option. Such a cardigan usually has the same length as any shirt or T-shirt, which means that it is much easier to find a successful combination.

In this photo you see a very comfortable autumn look with a short cardigan. Favorite combination of guys (jeans and a plaid shirt) is perfectly complemented by a neat scarf, hat and high suede shoes.

If you like a more formal style, pay attention to the following photo. A gray cardigan with a white shirt looks very stylish, especially complemented by soft loafers and beige trousers.

Let’s go back to the girls. If you want to look cute and romantic, it’s better not to think of anything than a combination of a short cardigan and a dress with a fluffy skirt. See for yourself by looking at the following photo.

I like this image very much due to the combination of colors: bright blue and lilac – what you need for spring or summer. With such an outfit, it is better to wear pumps or ballet shoes if you want to feel comfortable, but a thick heel or platform may be out of place.

In the next photo you see a black total-look: skinny, coarse boots and a simple rectangular bag. A yellow knitted cardigan perfectly dilutes this look and makes it more alive.

Stylish warm cardigans
A cardigan is a great option to warm up by the fall. With it, you can not only create textured multilayer outfits, but also delay the moment of transition to outerwear.

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