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Fashionable knitted skirts for women and girls

How to wear women’s and men’s worn items for a long time and we undoubtedly have been associated with convenience and comfort, and their versatility is beyond doubt. That is why these things again and again appear among the main trendsetters of the fashion industry. Let’s talk about the most current representative of knitted women’s wardrobe items – a skirt.

Knitted and knitted, thin and dense, light and warm, smooth and embossed, short and long – a great variety of options. What kind of knitted skirt to choose and what to wear it will understand later in this article.

Knitted skirts for women
A skirt as an element of wardrobe is always feminine and beautiful, and a knitted or knitted skirt is also comfortable. Due to the softness and obedience of this texture, the skirt does not restrict movement and does not crumple. And even despite the fact that knitted fabric is less practical and can be deformed in the process of wearing, the popularity of such skirts still remains out of time and out of season.

Different styles and knitting methods allow you to choose the most suitable option for the time and place of the skirt.

When choosing the shape of a knitted skirt, you should consider the features of your figure. Most often, any styles of knitted and knitted skirts look good on slender girls, regardless of how they are knitted, hand-made or machine-made. The only exception is when there is a noticeable difference between the width of the shoulders and the hips, which should be adjusted. If your shoulders are wider than your hips, then a knitted skirt will help you. It will visually add the required volume in the hips.

The loose and flared to the bottom skirt-year with bulk viscous, as in the photo below, will perfectly cope with such a task. In this case, it will be necessary to exclude the option of baggy top, and choose more fitted things, for example, a shirt, a blouse, or a non-volume jersey or jacket.

Brown knitted bell skirt

Another version of the correction of narrow hips – is to choose a fitting knitted skirt with a straight cut of a rather large knit and with a contrasting pattern.

A knitted skirt of yarn with a nap adds even more extra volume, and with a contrasting black and white cage you will visually expand your hips. And putting on a black leather jacket in this way, you will visually hide a few centimeters at shoulder width. A white T-shirt with a slightly colored “washed” print will only support the overall orientation of this image in grunge style, without distracting itself. This is also a great addition to the rough black shoes with a flat sole.

If you have the opposite situation and your hips prevail over the width of the shoulders, then from the skirts with voluminous viscous and tight-fitting shape should be abandoned. In this case, it is better to choose a skirt of an even cut or slightly flared to the bottom from smooth and not very dense knitwear of universal length to the knee or slightly lower. This style will not give extra volume to the hips and at the same time also pull your silhouette. You should also avoid skirts of light shades and focus on the upper part of the set, diverting attention from the problem area. These tips should also be noted and owners of magnificent forms.

In the photo below, a trapezoid-shaped purple-and-brown skirt of medium length, knee-deep, from smooth knitwear, is matched with thick dark gray tights.

Everything here works on hip correction and general stretching of the silhouette, even vertical stripes on the skirt. Beige-gray jersey top plus the same shade of shoes create a vertical, increasing growth. You can complete this look by adding a bright and interesting accessory to the portrait area in the form of a scarf or brooch.

As for the length of knitted skirts, then tall girls are ideal for options from the knee and below. The length above the knee should be chosen miniature representatives of the fair sex. However, to any rule there will always be exceptions. Selection of any thing in the wardrobe directly depends on your individual aesthetics and features of appearance, therefore, the options for you and the styles of knitted skirts may be much more for you.

Skirts of openwork or mesh knitting from thin and delicate yarn look very beautiful and feminine. This texture will give the image of airiness, lightness and grace. A girl in a thin openwork knitted skirt will certainly look even more feminine and attractive. Different pattern variations will also help correct shape flaws. But here it is worth being careful not to get the opposite effect.

Easy and romantic image of a lace pencil skirt with a similar top. Very calm set due to the use of natural shades of brown and imitation of natural materials in shoes and accessories. This black top with white peas gives an unexpected sharpness and dynamics to the image.

This kit will look good in everyday life. For the office will be more appropriate knitted skirts with a more dense smooth pattern.

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