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How to tie a scarf around your neck. Fashionable ways for women’s and men’s scarves

The art of handling a neckerchief opens up numerous possibilities for experimenting with different images, both with male and female. To make the shawl look beautiful and harmonious, you should select it correctly.

In this article you will find detailed photos and examples of what are the ways of tying a man’s and woman’s headscarf and how such a headscarf will look along with the rest of the clothes.
Symbol of style and elegance
A scarf can rightfully be considered a symbol of style and elegance at all times. This piece of clothing appeared thanks to the pretty whimsical taste of the French Sun King Louis XIV. In those days, this How to tie a scarf around your neck. Fashionable ways for women’s and men’s scarves to the nobility. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that our neckerchief is associated with refinement and aristocracy. In fashion, he entered exclusively as a subject of the men’s room. But today this piece of clothing is no less relevant among women.

How to choose a scarf
When choosing a scarf, pay special attention to its texture relative to all other things in the set. They must be from the same story and be well combined with each other. Otherwise, even the most original way of tying will not be able to give you the desired charm.

And, most importantly, focus on the features of your appearance, and not just on your favorite color or shawl pattern. A well-chosen color, texture and pattern in one accessory can not only emphasize individuality, but also become that cherished highlight of your unique look.

The same principle should be followed when choosing a method of tying a scarf. Now you can easily find the 100 and 1 way of tying a scarf for all occasions. If you definitely need to try them all to select a few “of your own” options, then by all means do it. I, in turn, will offer you some of the most popular and easy-to-use techniques.

Since the men first mastered this item of clothing, then we will begin with them.

How to tie a men’s scarf around his neck
In men’s fashion, the scarf enjoys unshakable authority among other accessories, of which there are quite a few today. In addition, it is a great informal alternative to a tie. With it, it is easy to bring a touch of your individuality, both in an elegant business suit and in casual outfit in tandem, for example, with a shirt, cardigan or a regular T-shirt.

The simplest, but no less interesting, option is to use a scarf – it’s just to throw it on the neck from the back, and fill the ends hanging in front under the collar of the humeral clothing. Here the main thing to consider the size of the scarf, so that in the process of socks he remained in place. If necessary, a small pin can be used to fix it.

To denim shirt fit a variety of scarves options, because by itself this thing is universal. In a complex with trousers and a coat, as in the photo above, a classic ascot shawl made from matte fabric, for example, silk or fine blended fabric, will combine well with it.

Ascot is a classic English version of a men’s scarf in the shape of a triangle or a square, made mostly of natural silk and with soft classic patterns.

In the variant with jeans, a scarf made of simpler fabrics, for example, based on cotton, will be appropriate. A laconic white t-shirt can be a good alternative to a shirt. In this set the scarf connects the jeans and the T-shirt due to its shade in the color of the bottom and the white ornament.

For classic smart-casual images, an excellent option is to dilute the calm basic shades of the set using a full-color scarf with a cute and slightly ironic print. And in order not to create excessive contrast and maintain the business orientation of the image, it is better to choose the main color of the scarf in the color of the jacket.

Foulard, by the way, is a men’s scarf 10 cm wide and 1 m long. Its peculiarity is not only its shape, but also its coloring. It can be bright, catchy, with various patterns and ornaments. The fabric for such a scarf is also used the most different, the main thing is that it was soft and well draped.

Another simple option to tie a man’s shawl is to fold a rectangle out of it and tie it around your neck in the form of a loop.

This knot also goes well with business suits and sporty clothes.

A small but bright colored stripe on a scarf refreshes the monochrome classic look.

In a similar relaxed bow with bright shorts, a light cotton scarf tied with a loose noose around the neck looks great.

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