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Casual style for women – the rules of combining clothes

“Casual” means “casual” or “casual.” Casual clothes for women are suitable for everyday wear: for work, study, shopping or for a walk. These are practical, convenient things which do not constrain movements.

The casual style for women includes elements of different styles:
The casual look looks a bit careless, but neat and harmonious.

The origins of casual style
At the end of the 19th century, flanders appeared in Britain. Flanking called walks around the city. People hung about, looking at shop windows. Later, the typical city dwellers began to call them flaners. Flanders dressed beautifully, but not strictly. Their clothes are not obliged to manners. Flanders felt comfortable and relaxed, tried to impress.

In the middle of the 20th century, street gang guys wanted to stand out and began to wear beautiful costumes. This phenomenon is called Teds or Teddy Boys. Then the time of mods came – the mods lived in the city and dressed beautifully, but not pretentiously. Their costumes have become more practical than Teds outfits. Famous representatives of the mods – members of the Beatles.

Elegant costumes have disappeared from the streets for 10 years. Skinheads and punks with bold and rude outfits took over. And 10 years later, a subculture of football fans was formed. Fans dressed in blue jeans, polo shirts, jumpers, sneakers, ski jackets from famous brands: Lacoste, Lonsdale, Fred Perry, Merc. There were no sports teams emblems on their clothes. At this time, the term casual appears.

At the end of the 19th century, a “casual” style was formed. The clothes in casual style are regularly released by the brands:
Nino Cerruti,
D & G,
Frankie Morello,
Alexander Wang,
Marc Jacobs
Pierre cardin
Donna Karan,
Ralph lauren,
Zara, Kenzo.
Kate Moss, Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Mila Jovovich, Blake Lively, Drew Barrymore, Eva Mendes, Rihanna and Olivia Palermo chose fashion casual for women.

We form a casual image
The main rule is to combine the classic elements of the bow with informal ones. Remember the main points:
wear jeans – they are more practical than pants and more versatile sports pants;
choose comfortable things;
Prefer pleasant to the body tissues that are easily erased and not wrinkled much;
wear shoes on a low run, on a wedge or a small steady heel – the studs will not fit;
casual jewelry does not tolerate – replace them with jewelry;
stylish look office blazer, worn over a T-shirt with jeans;
look at shirts without collars or hooded shirts – this is original and practical;
dresses and skirts choose medium length;
get a classic trench coat in a neutral shade;
from accessories, experiment with neckerchiefs, belts, bags, hats;
casual accepts loose styles and layered images;
choose natural shades: sand, brown, blue, dairy, olive, gray.
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In general, the image in the casual style for women is slightly sloppy, as in the photo, but every thing should be neat – clean, ironed.

Casual style for women

Decorative rips on jeans and a ragged edge of fringed shorts are permissible. Stretched sweater or tights with arrows do not fit. The casual is interesting because it allows the combination of brand clothes and simple inexpensive things within one set.

How to wear a casual
“Casual” style is appropriate for a walk, work and a date. But for each case the outfit will be different. There are several subspecies of casual style, each of which is designed for a specific situation.

Business casual
These are office clothes, but not too strict. Replace the stiletto heels with comfortable loafers and a classic jacket with a plain cardigan. Wear a thin pullover or jumper under your jacket instead of a shirt. Original pockets on jackets, decorative stitching are allowed. Business casual for women allows you to show individuality even in the workplace.

Casual for women

Smart casual
Even more lightweight understyle than the previous one. Here you can wear turtlenecks and T-shirts with a business suit, replace trousers with jeans, go without a jacket, put on trousers with a T-shirt and classic shoes. Smart casual for women is an abundance of knitwear and a variety of colors.

Smart casual for women

Sports casual
A simple way to create a sport casual look is to dress in a sporty style and replace your pants with jeans. Sneakers and sneakers, sports bags, caps, inflated vests, sweatshirts are combined with jeans, shirts, skirts.

Smart casual for women

This sub-style was chosen by the youth. Traditional casual tricks – layering, scarves, scarves, jeans with jackets are presented in bright colors and contrasting combinations. Flashy accessories are welcomed, the emphasis is on individuality.

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