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Clothes in the style of Boho: the best photos for winter and summer

The fashionable Boho phenomenon, which includes a number of sub-styles, such as country, hippies, military, grunge, elements of “gypsy” and ethnic, won the hearts of a huge number of people around the world. Inspired by the images of Kate Moss and the Olsen twins, we try to recreate that carelessness, chic, naturalness and romantic innocence at the same time.

Let’s think how to correctly relate all this into a single unique look.

Boho’s style is really original in its incarnation, it brings simplicity and sophistication. The game of chiffon, cotton, leather, lace and fur is fascinating. The abundance of ornament, floral motifs and natural prints shakes the mind, and the flying silhouettes, free cut, layering attract with its convenience and unusualness. And all this in combination with a large variety of rings, bracelets, pendants, made of stone, wood and metal, natural negligence of loose hair, natural makeup, and bohemian magnificence of the whole image as a whole.

Interesting? Let’s think how to correctly relate all this into a single unique look.

Boho style in summer
In general, this direction is easier perceived precisely in the summer incarnation. Flowing patterned long dresses and skirts, loose floral tunics, Greek and Roman sandals, ripped jeans and fringe are the main components of the summer boho-outfit.

Use a large number of jewelry, because when they still show, no matter how the summer? Put on volumetric rings from metal at once on several pieces. If the bracelet is large, and it attracts so much attention to itself, then one is enough on the arm, while thin ones are preferable to be worn at once and a lot. Golden, temporary transferable flash tattoos look great on a tanned body – one of the fashion trends of this summer. They will enhance the boho look and make it even more authentic.

Boho-style dresses
Dresses are the main element of this style, especially maxi-dresses, but mini is considered to be no less popular. Choose dresses from lace, cotton, chiffon and knitwear. Interesting are dresses with embroidery, flying and loose, dazzling with colors and oriental prints, monophonic, reminiscent of a nightie, with frills and fringe. Also popular are light caps knee-length without buttons, similar to a dressing gown, which are worn over the main set of clothes.

Wedding dress in the style of boho
In recent years, more and more young people make weddings in the bohemian style. This fashion trend has grown into a trend and is considered one of the most popular. When planning a boho wedding, you need to think about the image and the spouses themselves. As the stylist Alexander Rogov says, dresses, cakes and dresses-princesses have long gone and now naturalness and simplicity come to the fore. A white dress with lace to the floor is the most suitable option. It can be tight, can be loose, opening shoulders or back, with a cut to the middle of the thigh or translucent. For a more feminine and immediate image, dissolve your hair, make careless curls or a bundle with loose strands, add massive bracelets with stones or a decoration on the head of a la “india”. Wreaths of fresh flowers look very “natural” and harmoniously on the head, and refined floral arrangements on the wrists.

Boho-style shoes
The shoes are also made in oriental motifs, with the addition of fringe, fur, rivets, stones and straps. As for the summer season, gladiators to the knee, Roman sandals, sandals with shuttlecocks as in the photo below, with bright elements, patterned and with colorful inserts of fabric, are relevant.

Boho style in winter
How to look bohemian and at ease, when it is snowing and cold outside the window? Everything is very simple! Use denser fabrics, get voluminous elongated sweaters and large-knit cardigans, add to them shoes, scarves and stoles of unusual colors, wear dress masks with tight tights and dilute them with simple basic things, such as a jacket or grunge shoes. Do not forget about worn jeans and leather leggings, which can be combined with rustic dresses, tunics and shoes with heels.

Note that with the advent of winter, the shades become deeper and more saturated, and the colors are less bright and more dark. A short fur coat or a fur coat knee-length and slightly lower from long fur in the style of Kate Moss or short-haired like Kerry from the TV series “Sex and the City” will help make your image truly bohemian.

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