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Moccasins from 18 famous brands: what’s the difference?

Moccasins have become the favorite summer shoes of men and women, which is easily explained by their lightness and comfort. Many world brands add moccasin models to their collections for more than one season. It is noteworthy that they can be found both from firms specializing in classic footwear and from sports giants (for example, Nike or Adidas). Each brand is trying to reflect its vision of this shoe, which makes moccasins very different. How not to get lost in this diversity and choose the best option? Let’s figure it out!

This Australian brand is considered one of the best manufacturers of moccasins. Especially interesting are their winter models. In the photo below you can see the female Ugg moccasins of the Dakota Slipper model. At first glance, they very much resemble cozy slippers, and, you may believe, in terms of comfort, they are definitely not inferior to them. Inside the shoe there is a rather thick layer of delicate sheepskin, and the top is made of genuine velvety leather, so they can really be worn during the cold season. The color scheme of this model is quite restrained: different shades of brown.

Although there are some minor flaws, Moccasin Ugg has a rather thin sole. Given our autumn weather, they can get dirty very quickly, especially sheepskin.

Pay attention also to men’s loafers Uggs. Separate attention among men’s moccasins Ugg deserves model Ascot Tweed with unusual, as for such shoes, tweed inserts. If you wear these shoes in dry weather, they will be very practical: the sole on the heel is rounded, so it will not wear off, genuine leather is very reliable. These moccasins will be interesting to combine with chinos and puffy vests.

Tod’s Moccasins
This Italian brand has been producing moccasins for several decades. In fact, they are at the forefront of fashion for such shoes. The most popular model moccasins Tods is considered to be Gommino. Initially, they were created for motorists, a unique design with many small spikes made them Tod Tod’s business card. In the photo below you can see bright blue moccasins with tassels, as well as a classic brown model designed for Ferrari.

Tod’s Gommino Blue Suede Women’s Loafers Men’s Tod’s Gommino Classic Leather Loafers

What you need to know about this shoe? Each pair is sewn by hand from more than 30 patches. Leather for these shoes is made by the best technologies. On this basis, a rather high price is being formed. But you should understand that Tod’s moccasins are a cult, prestigious thing. In addition, the design is so laconic and versatile that they can be worn by both men and women in a formal and informal setting.

Timberland moccasins
If you need the most practical and durable moccasins – feel free to choose these! Models of this brand have several important advantages: they will be worn for a long time, tolerate bad weather, very versatile. In the collections of recent seasons, one of the moccasin species dominates – boat shoes, or Boat Shoes. Initially, they were invented to relax on a yacht, but quickly became popular as casual shoes.

Look at these Timberland moccasins, they are incredibly versatile! Blue white loafers will go perfectly with summer shorts and a light shirt, as well as a sports jacket. A brown loafers can be combined with shorts, cropped jeans or chinos.

Blue with white sole moccasins with lacing Timberland Brown classic moccasins Timberland with lacing topsiders

Tommy Hilfiger moccasins
The most interesting feature of this brand is uncommon combinations of classic and casual style, the latest collections are particularly in tune with the Smart Casual style.

These are high-quality shoes with a fairly affordable price, so it would be an excellent option for everyday wear.

Notice how Tommy Hilfiger’s low-key moccasins are complemented by bright and catchy elements that make the shoes very stylish and extraordinary. These women’s moccasins are successfully complemented by a bright pink color insert.

Tommy Hilfiger Pink Leather Top Loafers Black leather loafers with solid gold chain by Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Lacquer Loafers | Black Leather Loafers by Tommy Hilfiger

Isn’t it true that these black moccasins with studded sole, at first glance, seem completely ordinary? But then you pay attention to the massive gold chain, which completely changes their style.

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