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Models of men’s and women’s jackets: classification

Modern men’s and women’s jackets have very unusual styles and are sewn from a variety of materials. They become the constant trend of each new season, gaining more and more original incarnations. Single-breasted and double-breasted; leather, tweed and corduroy; jackets on the figure and jackets boyfriends. How not to get lost in such a diversity?

In this article you will find photos of various models of jackets. We will talk about what are the jackets, what to wear them with and how to successfully choose a jacket for your height and figure.

Jacket models throughout their history have constantly changed. The first analogues of the modern men’s and women’s jacket appeared in the late Gothic era, but it took several more centuries for this element of clothing to be finally formed into a modern version. The jacket became a classic element of the men’s suit at the end of the XIX century. In women’s fashion, jackets finally became established after the famous Yves Saint Laurent collection in 1962, although this trend began thanks to Coco Chanel.

Single Breasted and Double Breasted Jacket
Men’s and women’s jackets are divided into single-breasted and double-breasted, depending on the number of vertical rows of buttons. In a single-breasted jacket, there is only one vertical row of buttons, while in a double-breasted jacket there are two. Single-breasted jacket is a more common option for street fashion looks. It is less formal and opens up more possibilities for combinations.

Often, modern fashionable jackets are made from knitwear, leather, jeans or corduroy, and since they are as far from the formal style as possible, they have one row of buttons.

In the photo below we see a burgundy-colored men’s jacket with burgundy men’s trousers. Despite the formal style of the suit, the man managed to create a rather complex multi-layered outfit, which in a strange way combines classic and casual style, combined with a burgundy single-breasted jacket. The jacket is matched with a black T-shirt, a gray unbuttoned shirt, and a blue and burgundy men’s lace-up top. Top Siders can be worn differently, but in this bow a man chose to wear them on his bare feet.

Look, this gray knitted men’s jacket perfectly blends in with a casual image, combined with a simple plaid shirt and a comfortable sand-colored backpack.

Double-breasted men’s and women’s jacket looks stricter, so it is better suited for classic looks. For uncommon outfits, it should be used in combination with contrasting – in style and color – elements of clothing.

This comfortable street look looks very advantageous: a dark blue double-breasted men’s jacket worn over a blue shirt and a sweater to match her tone, as well as classic black men’s shoes – all this is associated with aristocratic closed schools. But a contrasting red backpack and plain jeans make the outfit applicable to the outdoors.

In the photo below we see the classic version of using a double-breasted men’s jacket, which will be appreciated by vintage fashion lovers. A gray-green checkered suit with a white shirt and black gastuk is a cozy classic. Brown boots and a men’s cane umbrella with a brown curved handle complete the look.

Pay attention to this photo. Isn’t it true that a woman’s black double breasted jacket looks very sexy if you put it on straight body? Depending on the accessories you can add to this image of efficiency, or make it more flighty.

Classic jacket or casual jacket
In street fashion, both classic blazers and more fashionable jackets in casual style have been used.

The ceremonial version with a classic jacket suggests a tie, as well as compliance with all the “jacket” formalities: the sleeve of the shirt should look at 1-1.5 cm, and the bottom button should remain unbuttoned.

In this photo you can see all these tricks in action. A man in a dark blue jacket and trousers is doing everything right! Not only complies with the conditions of the socks of the official jacket, but also generally looks very harmonious and stylish.

The bow below demonstrates the attitude that this guy does not always like to live by the rules. See how an image with a classic black men’s striped jacket can be made original and bright, for example, using colored socks and an original tie.

Textured image on the photo below will be an excellent option for autumn weather. The perfect combination of a dark gray men’s jacket and a gray check coat is complemented by a simple leather men’s toe bag and inflated lace-up shoes.

A classic look with a classic burgundy jacket for women is a trendy business look. In the photo below it is obvious how much accessories decide everything. The girl combines a suit with uncluttered pumps on a stiletto and a small black handbag. An additional highlight – an accurate veil. All together creates a sexy and fashionable image.

Burgundy women’s jacket can change completely, dress you with him comfortable loafers and a hat with a wide brim, because these accessories will make the image more casual.

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