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New York street fashion

New York is one of the centers of the fashion industry. In such a metropolis as New York you can meet completely different people. The main principle of New York street mods is freedom and democracy in style. One of the main features of all New Yorkers is the blending of different styles into a single image. On the streets of New York, you can often find unusual and new combinations of different styles.

New York combines different areas. Each resident of this city, from a certain area, has its own image and style of dressing. Manhattan and Downtown – refer to the bohemian, modern style. Brooklyn and Queens are always a simple democratic style.

The style of New Yorkers is largely built on contrasts. Each resident of this city brings its own image and style to the picture of the city.

The street style of New York is complement and borrowing from each other. Manhattan is the richest district of New York. Residents of this area dress tastefully, stylishly, wear clothes of famous brands. Brooklyn and Queens are less affluent. Residents of these areas are not far behind the Manhattan elite, dress with no less taste, while wearing clothes brands democratic. Downtown is the area where the inhabitants of New York bohemia mostly live. Residents of this area love to mix modern style with vintage.

New Yorkers love to wear large accessories and in large quantities. New Yorkers put more emphasis on accessories than on the clothes themselves. We can observe the abundance of accessories at the September Fashion Week in New York.

Shoes for every New Yorker comes first. Shoes should be stylish and status. Then there are bags, watches and glasses. New Yorkers love leather jackets, leather jackets, and bright accents in clothing. Jeans are an integral part of the wardrobe of a New Yorker. Their number is unlimited, different styles, colors – for all occasions.

In addition to denim, New Yorkers prefer skirts and dresses of different lengths, plain or with a bright print. They often combine dresses with a denim jacket or leather vest.

Despite the differences in areas, the style of each is not so conservative as to dress completely in brands. It is quite normal if a woman of fashion from Manhattan is wearing jeans and a TopShop t-shirt, and a handbag, glasses or watches will be well-known brands. On the streets of New York rarely meet someone who will be dressed entirely in brands. As the New Yorkers themselves say, this is simply indecent.

The street style of New York is always an easy carelessness. Sometimes it seems that they do not pay special attention to their appearance. Often there are stylishly dressed girls, but with careless styling or just a tail on the head. Their images always look very well matched and thought out, although they do not put too much effort into it. How do they do it ?! Remains a mystery.

A natural image, like natural beauty, can be compared to actors who play their part. They play, but not replay, get used to the image, naturally and freely behave on the stage. So in life, you should not “replay” with the image, because beauty is in simplicity!

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