Fashionable rules for business women
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Business fashion - how to stylishly dress in the office
Business lady and gray mouse - how similar are these concepts? The image of a business woman implies a laconic hairstyle, a minimum of makeup, modest jewelry and clothes of…

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Business fashion - how to stylishly dress in the office
Business lady and gray mouse - how similar are these concepts? The image of a business woman implies a laconic hairstyle, a minimum of makeup, modest jewelry and clothes of…

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Women’s and men’s long sleeves in street fashion

Longsleeves can be found in any style of clothing. We wear long-sleeves all year round – from different fabrics, different cut and style. And men’s and women’s, and even children’s wardrobe is not complete without things with long sleeves.

What is long-sleeves, how it looks in different styles of clothing and what to wear with women and men long-sleeves read in the article below.

Longsleeve – what is it?

Probably, such an unusual word as “longslive” at first glance will seem strange and unfamiliar to you. You will not believe, but such an element of women’s and men’s clothing is present in every wardrobe.

Long sleeves are nothing more than a long-sleeved T-shirt. This word came to us from the English language. It is divided into two parts: the first part of the word “long” means long, and the second part “sleeve” means the sleeve. Thus, translated from English, “long sleeve” is a long sleeve.

For the first time longsleeve appeared in the XIX century, as the male element of clothing. Only earlier they were not called longslives, but simply – a sweatshirt. Jersey considered the ancestor of longsliv. After all, she was the working clothes of the military and sailors. Initially, the long sleeves were worn only by men as underwear. But, over time, this element of clothing evolved and they began to wear it as casual clothing. In the 20th century, longslive became popular among women too. Now, in the XXI century, longslive can be found in men’s, women’s and even children’s wardrobe.

Longslive variants are different. Monophonic, with various prints, with cartoon characters, with inscriptions, with the image of movie stars and music. As longslive in appearance resembles a T-shirt, it has a mostly round neckline. But, sometimes there are long-sleeves with a V-neck. The main thing in long sleeves is the length of the sleeve. Long sleeves can be classic long sleeves and three-quarter sleeves. In modern fashion, long-sleeves with double sleeves are often found. When from under a short sleeve comes another long, but a different color. Most often longslivy made of cotton fabric. But there are longslivy with the addition of stretch or elastane, to more emphasize the expressiveness of the figure.

Longsleeves combine with different styles of clothing. Sporty, casual, smart casual and even classic. Under the sporty style, long sleeves are worn with sweatpants, windbreaker and sneakers. Under the casual style, long sleeves are worn with jeans, shorts and boots on low speed. This style refers to the casual style of clothing, so convenience should come first. As for the smart casual style, then combine long-sleeves with the same jeans, straight dress pants and boat shoes. This style is perfect for working everyday. The most unexpected thing to hear is that the long sleeves are worn under the classic style of dressing. Long-sleeved looks great with a jacket or trouser suit.

Sports Longsleeves

One of the most common types of longslivs is sports. For lovers of sports style in clothes, long-sleeves are an irreplaceable thing. You need to clearly know the difference between sports longslivs and longslivami in casual style.

Sports longslive mostly monophonic, without any drawings and prints. Sports longslivy are divided into two categories: amateur and professional. Amateur longsliv are those made of cotton and have the usual loose fit. Professional longslives are those made from special fabrics and special cut. For example, from neoprene, polyester and with inserts in the mesh, so that the body breathes. In a word – all those that are designed for professional sports. They can be found in sports brands such as Nike and Addidas.

Sports longslivy found male and female. As I said above, sports longslives wear sportswear and sneakers. But the option is not excluded when a sports long sleeve is worn under jeans, sneakers, slip-ons or sneakers. This is a non-professional longsleeve. In order not to cross the line from sporty style to casual style, it is best to choose longsleeves of solid colors. Nothing more, jeans, stylish shoes and bright solid long-sleeves. Above the long-sleeved is not superfluous to wear a windbreaker with a hood, which further emphasizes the sporty style. Of the accessories it is recommended to wear only a watch, on a leather or silicone strap.

What can I wear with a female long sleeve?

Female long sleeve can fit almost any style of dress. The main difference from this or that style will be the color, print or pattern of longslive. Long sleeves with a variety of prints or patterns will look good for casual wear. For example, a floral print, a print of peas or a cartoon character. Long sleeves in a smart casual style for women are worn as an office and business bow, a walk bow and a romantic bow. For women’s long sleeves in a smart casual style, prints with geometric shapes and a horizontal stripe are typical.

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