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What jeans are worn on the streets of the world

Jeans miraculously evolved from a working wardrobe to a wardrobe item from the category must have. Today it is difficult to find a woman who would not have a single pair of jeans in the closet. They are so versatile and diverse that you can choose the right jeans for almost any occasion.

Read about the variety of jeans models available to you today, how best to emphasize your body shape with jeans and what to wear jeans to look stylish and feel charming in them, read below.

For the first time jeans appeared in 1853, as clothing for the working class. At that time there was no question about what to wear jeans with, rather there was a need for strong and durable pants for gold miners. The first began to sew denim pants – jeans – the well-known Levi Strauss, whose brand is still very popular. After 160 years, a lot has changed in theWhat jeans are worn on the streets of the world unchanged! In the 50s, the first jeans appeared in the USSR, as well as clothes for workers. And already in the 60s, all the fashionable women of the capital lined up to get the cherished jeans. The fashion for jeans was always, the only thing, with each year, with each new season, the fashion for jeans has evolved. There were new styles, new colors, textures and styles.

Over the years, jeans have become embedded in the fashion industry and have won the hearts of many lovers of fashion and style. Jeans are the basic clothing in the wardrobe of a modern woman. In the modern world, jeans are so sunk into the soul and loved, that they can be seen on both simple laborers and millionaires.

In addition to the question “what to wear jeans with” today, it is also relevant what color to choose for yourself jeans or what style. In modern fashion you can find jeans of almost all colors – light blue hues, medium, dark and indigo. Recently, jeans of non-blue-blue color have become very popular – red, electric, green, yellow, and of course, black and white jeans.

Over time, new styles began to appear, and now we can hear the names of such jeans as: skinny jeans; boyfriend jeans; flared jeans; cropped jeans; torn jeans; faded jeans, etc. There is no particular trend or fashion for the cut or style of jeans. Each woman should choose her own style, which is suitable for her type of figure.

It seems that every modern girl ever wore jeans. How to choose this type of jeans so that they emphasize the dignity of the figure, and hide the flaws? After all, if the jeans fit well, it doesn’t matter what to wear them with. There are no such jeans that would not fit this or that type of figure.

Slender and tall girls look good in jeans of almost any style, and can safely indulge themselves with jeans with low thallium. If you can not complain about the shape of your buttocks and legs, then your skin type will be emphasized most of all by skinny jeans that fit the legs.

Miniature girls with short stature should wear jeans with high thallium – such jeans visually lengthen their legs. And if you stand on a heel or wedge, then you will be a leggy model.

Girls with curvaceous would be an ideal option to wear jeans of free fit, for example, boyfriend jeans, or just straight jeans-bananas.

The top is also important, which should be combined with a certain type of jeans. Top, as well as shoes and accessories, depend on the image that you want to apply for yourself. Jeans can be worn under any type of footwear – they can be worn with both low-speed shoes and heels, platform or wedges. The main thing is where you want to wear them. Jeans – one of the most versatile things that are suitable for almost all occasions. Jeans can be worn, as they say, in the feast and in the world.

Denim style is divided into several parts: casual denim style, business and solemn. You can wear jeans not only in the cinema or for a walk, but also for a business meeting or event. The same denim clothes may look completely different. This usually depends on what to wear jeans with. Here the decisive will be correct, under the case, selected shoes and accessories.

What to wear jeans in terms of shoes?

Casual denim look is quite easy to make up, because almost any kind of shoes fit jeans. The most fashionable and stylish option with which to wear jeans are your favorite sneakers Converse All Stars or New Balance. A good company will be a white T-shirt or a white T-shirt. More autumn option – to all of the above, you can throw a denim or leather jacket, cardigan or pretti windbreaker. This is a great option for long walks on warm autumn evenings, as well as for a picnic or going to the movies. For such a casual image, it is best to wear jeans with a small amount of accessories. The ideal option would be a watch, a pair of bracelets (without rhinestones and stones) and stud earrings.


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