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Fashion for transparent bags

Someone decides to put in a transparent clutch only glasses and a couple of small things, others – more daring – fill a transparent bag just like a regular bag. Over time, clothing and accessories made of transparent materials become more familiar, and transparent inserts are used more often. Experimenting with transparent new clothes is solved by an increasing number of women.

A wave of interest in transparent bags began to rise a couple of years ago. Now a variety of options for transparent bags rolls over. Big brands managed to release not one famous handbag with transparent inserts or completely transparent. At fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, London, New York, and other major cities, women of fashion continually appear in transparent shoes, with transparent skirts, backs and – with a transparent bag.
A transparent bag or a bag with a transparent insert can perfectly complement your casual look in casual style, and – as the show visitors proved – the transparent bag also goes well with smart casual items and accessories for women and men.

Transparent bags are very practical in terms of socks. As a rule, they are made of a more dense and rigid material than fabric or leatherette, and stitching of stitched threads or metal rivets is used as a fastening or connection of parts. These bags do not get wet, they are not too noticeable minor scratches or damage. Of course, if there are too many scratches, outwardly the transparency may dim and the bag will become slightly matte. But the usual bag after such treatment is unlikely to look good.

Chanel Black Tote Bag With Center Transparent Heart Insert

Following the major brands, local designers presented their ideas and concepts from the field of transparent wardrobe elements and, especially, transparent bags.

Please note – a huge advantage of the proznachnogo bags is that it is combined with any thing from your wardrobe. Moreover – to a transparent bag you can pick up any kind of shoes. Especially good with such a bag will look shoes with a transparent heel or transparent straps.

Chinese manufacturers are also not lagging behind the trend – they offer not only replicas of branded transparent bags on the market, but also their own models of bags with transparent walls, or transparent backpacks.

Transparent bags are also often made with a mixture of neon shades, or with inserts of fabric or leatherette neon.

A bag of transparent material can be both soft and stitched, and from solid blocks that are connected by metal elements.

A transparent bag is a rather unusual element of the wardrobe of a modern woman. Transparency scares the thought of walking on crowded streets or driving on public transport. If you are not ready for such a bold experiment, you can try an incompletely transparent bag – just with a transparent insert.

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