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Long skirt to the floor

Useful article for those who are going to buy a long skirt to the floor or choose what to wear with your skirt.A long skirt will allow you to create a variety of images – both feminine and airy, as well as business and stylish. This is really an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of a modern woman. What is the best way to combine a skirt to the floor, what color, style and cut to choose the top, which is better to choose accessories. All this is in the photo below.

Let’s start the review of skirts to the floor with skirts of a single color. Skirts with stripes and prints are at the end of the article. Also, if interested, check out the article to find out what to wear with a leather skirt.

White is one of the universal colors. Under the white skirt fit virtually any top, but remember, it is important what character you want to create an image. An undershirt with thin straps is good for a relaxed summer look, a white sweater is good for a casual style, and a brown blouse will create a more business look.

Beige skirt to the floor goes well with things pastel shades. A beige pleated skirt will look good with the top of almost any texture – both light and dense. If you wear a simple cotton beige skirt to the floor with a white shirt, as in the photo on the right, there is a chance to create an image in the style of the film “Pride and Prejudice” – modest, simple and incredibly attractive and feminine.

A brown floor skirt goes well with a beige or white top. As you have already noticed, white is really good for a floor skirt of any color. However, keep an eye on the length of the top and the texture of the fabric – the length should not be lower than thallium, otherwise the top should be filled. And the texture should fit and harmonize with the skirt to the floor – this is best seen in the third photo, where a brown skirt to the floor of viscose is combined with a beige top of the same composition.

A yellow skirt on the floor can be combined with both a white classic top and a blue top, in contrast with the color of the skirt. Bright colors, especially yellow, are the way to make your onion sunny and full of energy. Wearing a yellow skirt on the floor, put on a black or brown belt. So you visually reduce and emphasize thallium.

Dark green and olive skirt to the floor

Under such a skirt is difficult to choose the top, so the best solution would be to give preference to the classic colors – black and white. If the skirt keeps a curvaceous shape (as in the photo on the left) and exactly sits on thallium, you should experiment and afford a short top.

Green skirt to the floor

In both photos it is perfectly shown that putting a green skirt on the floor would be nice to find a free top that can be tucked into a skirt, or a shorter lace top, but which also does not fit tightly in the thallium region. If the shade of green is not dark, it visually slightly expands the figure, so use a belt on thallium or a loose short top to make thallium look narrower.

Red skirt to the floor

Red skirt to the floor – this is a very bright element of the wardrobe. In this skirt you will not go unnoticed. Red long skirt is good because it does not require too much attention on the part of the combinations – after all, red goes well with almost any color.

To make it interesting to combine a red skirt, pay attention to those elements of your wardrobe that want to add color and energy.

Purple skirt to the floor

Violet is a really rare and unusual color for a floor skirt.

Peach skirt to the floor

Of course, it’s safe to use the white top. However, notice how the red skirt to the floor and the peach skirt to the floor with a denim shirt are combined differently. Red skirt to the floor creates a feeling of energy and even a little bit of anxiety. While the peach skirt in the floor and denim shirt make the bow calm and light.

Pink skirt to the floor

Pink has many shades, moreover, depending on the texture of pink skirt to the floor can look completely different. It is convenient to use a gray long t-shirt with a pink skirt, half-tucked in front of it – so you can quickly get a comfortable bow in a casual style, while maintaining the feminine look of the image, as in the first photo.

Also pay attention to the last photo, where a bright pink skirt in the floor is combined with an orange T-shirt, a gold thin belt and a monochromatic brown leather jacket. This energetic bow is created on the principle of color blocking, and looks really more interesting than just a white top.

Black skirt to the floor

Classic black color for the skirt to the floor will allow you to combine it with anything. If you like long skirts, a black skirt to the floor can be indispensable for your wardrobe. In the photo below you can clearly see how pastel shades, bright colors and muted gray look with a black skirt on the floor. The first photo shows how a tank top with a black skirt on the floor with a free falling front looks great.

By the way, the black skirt to the floor is one of the few colors, with which the long top looks harmonious.

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