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Dress shirt on the streets of the world

Dress shirt or shirt dress – this element of the wardrobe is suitable for any age and almost any figure. If you like this dress format – then you have room for imagination! With many options for color, style, fabric, design performance, length, dress shirt can take both a strict and light feminine look.

In this article I collected 45 photos of the most interesting models of dress-shirts. These photos were taken on the streets of various cities. Having examined them closer, you will be able to understand what to wear with a shirt-dress, with what accessories to combine and what is different about a shirt-dress in a business, casual and solemn style.
Dress shirt above the knee, mini.

A shirt dress above the knee length is most often worn in the summer. Depending on the fabric and style, with a shirt-dress you can combine both high-heeled shoes and shoes in a flat sole. A shirt-dress is convenient because it does not require special accessories – only shoes and a handbag are required, and you can not wear a necklace, belt or bracelets.

The same shirt dress in your wardrobe may look completely different, put it on high heels with a clutch bag and necklace, or with sneakers and a backpack. And the models of shirts-dresses vary in width – the dress-shirt can be very wide, and then you can also choose – to wear it with a belt, or without it. In other models of dresses, we do not allow ourselves to buy a dress 3 sizes larger, and a shirt dress is probably the only exception.

If you wear a shirt dress in spring or autumn, you can wear a sweater on it, leaving the collar visible. With a dress shirt combines well, especially in contrast to the color of the dress, and opaque tights look good. A sleeved shirt dress will be a great addition to a smart casual wardrobe for work and event attendance.

If you have buttoned up the collar of a dress-shirt completely, it is better to wear short earrings under it.

A wide shirt dress a la oversize: “as if she was just out of bed.” But tightly bound sandals with high heels make us understand that this is not so.

Denim shirt dress goes well with a bright light scarf, hat and leopard clutch.

Cotton or linen dress shirt looks very natural and soft. Under it is better to pick one-piece bracelets and a bag that keeps its shape.

The flowing shirt dress is a separate large section of shirt dresses. Lightweight fabric that flutters in the wind is very feminine! This dress shirt leaves no associations with the men’s shirt. It seems that the prefix “shirt” has always been female.

This dress is also better to add a bag that keeps the shape, bracelets and necklaces, and a hat will look very neat with it.

Dress shirt in business style

Thanks to the collar of the shirt, such a dress would be more than appropriate at work. Here restrained tones, closed top and midi length dominate. Add a stylish belt and an interesting handbag to your business dress shirt.

If it is better to wear a short shirt dress to young girls, then the length, starting from midi and on, is perfect for women of different ages. It all depends on your condition, mood, desire or not want to show legs.

A shirt dress looks good if you wear it under a jacket. There are a lot of color options with him, but I would advise myself to more mature women: do not be afraid of colors! You have already seen above how easily in a restrained color to turn a shirt-dress into a business one. Do not do this with casual dresses! Remember that first of all you are a WOMAN – no matter how old you are. In the first two photos you see the same woman, and she is clearly not 20. Let her also inspire you 🙂

A shirt dress can be with long or short sleeves, of different lengths, free or not, it can be fastened at the neck and it will not look too closed. In fact, the shirt dress is so flexible that you can easily place accents – what to show and what to hide.
Dress shirt in the floor – it is interesting and feminine. A long dress shirt can be buttoned along the center of the skirt to the floor, or buttoned to the waist, and then the skirt will go solid. The first option is closer to the shirt, the second is closer to the dress and femininity.

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