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How To Wear Loafers – Fashionable Shoe Trends

Loafers – comfortable shoes without wide-heeled zippers. They resemble classic shoes, only less strict. Sometimes they are called moccasins – this is not true. The top of the shoes gently fits the foot, but this shoe has a hard sole and heel, which is not in moccasins.

The history of lofers
English sailors wore round-toed shoes and a long tongue. On the sailors then formed an opinion as loafers, because they spent a lot of time in pubs port cities. Slacker in English sounds like a “loffer” – hence the name shoes.

In the twentieth century, women began to wear loafers. In 1957, shoes appeared on the big screen – they were worn by the heroine Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Funny Face”. Shoes without heels wore the icon of Grace Kelly style. In the 21st century, female models with heels appeared. Comfortable and stylish shoes for ladies released Fashion houses Lanven, Prada, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, brand Max Mara.

Lovers love celebrities. They are worn by Kelly Osbourne, Katie Holmes, Kirsten Dunst, Elizabeth Olsen, Olivia Palermo, Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, Lily Sobieski, Nicky Hilton, Florence Bradnell-Bruce, Jade Williams, Pixie Lott.

The fashion house Gucci added in 2017 a well-known model of a shoe with a buckle with a contrasting fur insert at the back. In the Prada summer collection there are suede loafers with a fringe and decorative buckle at the side. Burberry has a high heel under snake skin with large tassels. Balmen introduced red suede models on a heel with deep cuts on the sides.

casual – combined with casual outfits; made of leather, suede, denim;
evening – made of satin or velvet; combined with cocktail dresses;
classic – with them wear a dress-case, pants with arrows, a pencil skirt; Made of matte or patent leather in black or brown.
Varnish Loafers

There are five varieties of loafers on the type of sole.

On the low run
This is a convenient universal model. They are worn with narrow or flared trousers, shorts and bermudas. Viennese heel shoes are combined with short skirts and dresses, with midi high-waisted skirts.

On the heel
Feminine models. Designers create loafers with a traditional wide heel and with an elegant narrow. This is a compromise between elegance and comfort.

Sole Loafers

Thick soled
Shoes for owners of slender legs. It is better to wear loafers on the platform with skinny trousers or narrowed classic models. Black models on thick soles with patent leather tops fit in a business style. Gold loafers on the platform are suitable for a disco.

Visually lengthen the legs and add the desired centimeters of growth. Unlike heels, wedge shoes are comfortable, they do not get tired legs. Wear them with jeans, trousers, dresses, coats.

Shoes loafers

Suitable for casual style. Wear them with jeans, chinos, culottes. Models with white soles are elegant, they are combined with light dresses and flared skirts.

Loafers with what to wear photo

Loafers supply decorative elements:
leather fringe;
leather tassels;
jumper with a slot;
jumper buckle;
With tassels and fringe – the most colorful and recognizable models.

Slit shoes are called penny loafers. In the twentieth century, English college students put a coin in the slot – a penny and believed that it would bring them good luck in the exams.

The buckled loafers were the first to release the Gucci fashion house. The model has become the hallmark of the brand. Often the shoes are called gucci loafers.

Like fashion models with bows – what to wear such shoes, depends on other details. Variants with a sports sole are suitable for shorts and breeches, and shoes with a bow and rhinestones – for cocktail dresses.

What to wear with women lovers
The main difference from shoes – the level of comfort. A set with jeans is a solution for those who appreciate convenience and freedom of movement. Beige low mix models with boyfriend jeans and a striped shirt. Penny loafers will fit into a nautical look no less successfully. These can be blue, red or white shoes.

Black gucci suit wide palazzo trousers and a white blouse with frills. It turns out harmonious and stylish office image. Lacquer models are good for the office, and what to wear them with depends on the severity of the dress code.

Elegant set: suede burgundy loafers with beige edging and black sole, burgundy dress with long sleeves, beige briefcase bag and black necklace. A classic trench coat fits along with this.

Wear silver loafers to parties. Combine shoes with silver jewelery and black leather, chained bags and black and white prints.

Loafers are worn with socks and without socks, with T-shirts and coats, with jeans and sundresses. Do not wear loafers with long fitting evening dresses, with sportswear, with safari-style clothing.

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