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Bomber jacket: what to wear women’s jacket

Jackets “Bomber” style was originally a uniform of American pilots. In a shortened jacket, it is convenient to sit at the helm. Tight elastic bands on the collar, cuffs and waist protected from the wind, because the cockpit is open. In case of disaster, the pilot turned the jacket inside out and attracted the attention of rescuers with its bright lining. The first jackets for pilots-bomber sewed from windproof and waterproof leather. After the invention of nylon bombers began to sew out of it, which reduced the weight of the pilot uniform and increased the level of comfort.

This style of jacket was chosen by students of American colleges. Wearing a bomber jacket was fashionable. Jackets for civilians were sewn from jersey or textiles. Over time, the ladies began to wear a women’s bomber jacket made of denim, satin, corduroy, suede, synthetic materials.

The first female bombers showed on the catwalks of Alexander McQueen, Victor & Rolf and Dior. The seasonality of a bomber jacket varies from warm winter models on fur or holofiber, to lightweight summer options made of fine knitwear or cotton. In addition to the monochromatic colors in the trend motley jackets with prints. More recently, the most versatile jacket among fashionistas was considered a leather jacket. Now her place is occupied by a bomber.

Exclusive bombers dazzle the podiums, and the available models produce popular brands: Mango, Bershka, Zara, Topshop.

Who are the bombers
For almost a hundred years the bomber suffered a lot of transformations. Initially, the distinctive features of this style were:
knitted or knitted elastic cuffs;
gum hem and collar;
length to waist;
side pockets for hands;
pocket with flap on the sleeve;
zipper or buttons;
loose fit
Now you can wear a bomber jacket without pockets. Popular models on the buttons and tight-fitting models. Classic bomber jacket does not suit girls with pear-shaped figure. But a neat version of such a jacket made of thin fabric will emphasize the fragility of the upper part of the silhouette and will not make the image heavier.

Slender girls with the “inverted triangle” figure camouflage massive shoulders with the help of overseas bombers. Excess volume of the upper part of the silhouette is written off on the jacket.

It’s harder to pick up a bomber for an apple girl. If your problem area is a protruding tummy, we recommend wearing an elongated bomber jacket. Such models do not have pockets, so do not create volume. There is no elastic at the bottom: it is replaced by a cord.

The sports bomber jacket suits young fashionable women and middle-aged girls with a taut figure. If your age is over 40 or overweight problems, choose a bomber model that is close to a classic blazer or coat.

Where to wear a bomber
Just fit the bomber jacket in sporty style. Wear sneakers or sneakers, jeans or pants with stripes, t-shirts, alcoholic tops. From accessories, choose a cap or a baseball cap, a backpack or a banana bag for a belt. In a sporty look, jackets of bright colors look great: red, blue, blue, green, yellow, black, white and contrasting combinations.

It is more difficult to adapt the bomber to the romantic style. Here prints play a big part. On a date, you can wear a floral bomber jacket or a single-color model in pastel shades. To make the bow more feminine, wear a bomber jacket:
pencil skirt;
midi flared skirt;
Mary jane shoes with a strap;
bag on a chain;
elegant clutch envelope;
blouse with frill;
lace top.
Wearing a bomber jacket

Use a gold bomber jacket for a party. Ripped boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans with embroidery, leather accessories, a crop top, mesh, red, chains and chokers will complement the cheeky look.

Wearing a bomber jacket

In the style of rock, glam rock or punk, you can wear a leather bomber jacket with decorative zippers or rivets. Add skinny jeans, high boots or sneakers on the platform, a backpack.

You can even wear a black bomber jacket as a classic blazer, even in the office. The black and white checkered bomber jacket with black trousers and a white blouse-shirt looks no less successful.

Wear a leather bomber jacket

Gentle and comfortable image for warm weather – cotton sundress in the floor and a thin bomber jacket in olive tones. This fit sandals with low heels, espadrilles, sandals at low speed.

Wear a floral bomber jacket
If you prefer practical things, but do not want to dress in black, try wearing a blue bomber jacket. Supermodel Carly Closs wears a blue bomber jacket with a denim jumpsuit and sneakers.

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