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Tights in the net – with what to wear trend

Stars Instagram promote a new trend – tights in a grid with jeans. Repeatedly in fishnet tights — the “fishing net” —the American model Kendall Jenner and her sister Kim Kardashian were spotted.

The ambiguous reaction of the subscribers was provoked by the Russian TV presenter Olga Buzova – the star put on the tights in the net with a sports suit. Singer Kylie Minogue, actress Victoria Justice, singer Rita Ora, model Hayley Baldwin and singer Rihanna wear a fashion accessory. But not all women of fashion followed the example of celebrities.

We offer to find out what should be the tights in the net, with what to wear a thing and where to go in a trendy outfit.

Choosing tights in the grid
Fashion is dictated not only by trendsetters, but also by professional fashion designers. Dennis Basso, Desigual, Koché, Jeremy Scott, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana showed stylish looks on the catwalks with similar products.

The most spectacular look tights in a large grid. Buy a product half a size larger so that the “diamonds” do not cut into the skin. Tights without compacted cape are worn even with sandals. The slimmer your legs, the larger the mesh you can afford. Large grid attracts maximum attention – be confident.

Don’t stop at black. White, olive, flesh, brown, purple, pink tights in a grid fit into the fashionable image – fashion does not set the rules.

In trend socks in the net. You can start with an accessory for someone who is not ready to impress passers-by with outrageous shocking.

How to wear a fashion accessory
Wear tights in a mesh for straight cut jeans with cuffs. Top – oversize sweater, T-shirt, bomber. From shoes – sneakers, sneakers, loafers, oxfords without a heel. The mesh is visible only in the ankle area. This is a “lightweight” version of the fashionable image.

Tights with jeans

The outfit fits for:
shopping trips;
walking with friends;
study (if not provided form).
The next stage – ripped jeans with tights in the grid. Slender girls fit denim trousers with big holes in the hips. If you are experiencing tightness and lack of confidence in the figure, look for jeans with natural small gaps. To recreate a grunge-inspired look, wear lace-up boots, stretched jersey, black leather jacket, cardigan oversized.
Ripped jeans with mesh pantyhose

This is an outfit for:
friendly party;
street photo shoot.
Tights in a large mesh with jeans and put on with heels. Red shoes, red lipstick, sports bomber jacket or checkered shirt – an image of an intriguing, flirtatious, but not frivolous. Slender girls are advised to wear tights with a crochet top so that the net is visible in the waist area. For this jeans pull down on the hips. Dress up in a club or a party, if the dress code of the event was not negotiated. The main thing – you should feel comfortable.

Tights in a large mesh with jeans

Tights in the grid – the trend is not new. Girls in such clothes are often mistaken for representatives of the oldest profession. But even a short skirt can be worn with an accessory, and at the same time look stylish. You can smooth out the aggression of the net with coarse boots without a heel, a long open coat or a cardigan, a shapeless voluminous sweater, a light and delicate polka-dot dress or a small flower.

Fashionable tights in the net

Knit mini dress free-style, fishnet tights and sneakers look calm: the combination is acceptable.

A feminine look with fishnet tights will support a new-length midi dress – flared or with a pencil skirt, but not too tight.

You can choose the appropriate image with a skirt for:
study or work – consider the direction of activity;
walking with friends;
going to the movies;
gathering in a cafe;
dating – if you are sure that the satellite is ready for fashionable delights on your part;
party or club.
Explore celebrity outfits, look at options from fashion bloggers and choose an image for yourself.

Anti-brand combinations
with boots, stockings – diamonds are visible through the tops of boots, which looks strange;
with a deep neckline or corset – a vulgar combination;
with tops in mesh or with mesh inserts – it is harmonious, but defiant. Leave an image for a photo shoot or a theme party;
with high heels and sandals on a high platform – it’s been.
Choosing fashionable tights for an office image, give preference to a fine grid. If business negotiations are coming up on behalf of the company, move the trends into the background and wear traditional black or bodily tights.

Mesh – the ability to refresh outfits and decorate the wardrobe without significant financial expenses. And it will not come out of fashion for a long time – famous designers presented new images in the framework of the autumn-winter collections of 2017-2018.

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