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Military style: feminine images

Military did not come up with designers – the style originated by itself. After the First World War, all sewing enterprises were set up to sew a military uniform. Funds for the production of civilian clothes was not. People wore army suits in everyday life. Military uniforms were altered – women’s dresses and children’s clothes were sewn from it.

In the 60s of the last century, the American youth put on camouflage – in protest against the bloodshed in Vietnam. Fashion designers have noticed that such clothes are comfortable and stylish. Celine, Prada, Dior, Vuitton and other famous designers demonstrated outfits with elements of military paraphernalia at haute couture shows.

Three directions of military style
Camouflage shades. To create an image fit women’s shirts in the style of military, loose pants in shades of khaki, gray-green, green-brown, army boots with lacing, knitted pullovers, backpacks. So that the image does not seem strict and rough, wear dresses in military style corresponding shades of durable cotton.
Officer uniform. Women’s coat in military style with embroidered shoulder straps and orders, double-breasted jackets with metal buttons, strict women’s trousers in military style, peaked cap with oblique visor, boots with a high shaft and the main thing is officer’s posture.
Hussar army. Remember the lush outfits of the Russian hussars or the robes of the soldiers of the Napoleonic army. Uniforms embroidered in gold, glittering epaulettes and completely different colors: white, blue, red, black.
Military Style Images
Parka in camouflage colors and khaki-colored trousers are a good choice for a demi-season outfit. A tight bodysuit gives a feeling of femininity, and butterflies on a backpack will make the image less strict. Shoes choose a neat shape, with a discreet decorative element – a strap.

Military style

The dress shirt of military will be suitable for a campaign in cafe and for appointment. Slender girls can replace wedge sandals with shoes with a stiletto heel. A woven strap emphasizes the waist, and a watch in the form of a belt balances the composition. Bag on a chain pulls the silhouette and looks elegant.

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Women’s military style trousers

The image for the party is a eco-leather dress, embroidered with ribbons and decorative buttons. The dress resembles a parade military uniform, stiletto heels make the outfit more elegant. From accessories, choose a clutch envelope, gold jewelry.

Women’s military style shirts

Wear military to the office! Strict black skirt, light black top blouse and classic pumps for work. Two rows of buttons on the skirt and chest pockets with flaps on the blouse determine the style of the set.

Military style for women

How to dress in military style
Military style involves hundreds of different images. Some require careful selection of items, while others are created by adding individual parts to a casual outfit.

Military for women is:
coarse army lace-up boots;
leather belt with metal buckle;
decorative shoulder straps;
Brooches in the form of orders and medals;
postman’s bag;
coloring “camouflage”;
pendant in the form of a token on a chain;
leather bracelets;
caps and army caps.

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