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What to wear skinny – choose the style

Skinny pants – a favorite model of slim girls. They fit the legs and hips, emphasizing the dignity of the figure.In the mid-20th century, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn wore tight pants, but they can hardly be called skinny. At that time, tight clothing was considered vulgar.

Technology gave fashionable women the opportunity to wear skinny, which is pleasant to the body, durable and diverse. These are jeans, suede trousers and suede, leather and leather, knitted trousers and products made from innovative materials.

These skinnies became popular in the 2000s, when fashion designers offered to complement them with studs and tuck in their tops of boots. Find out what else you can combine skin and where it is appropriate to wear them.

Business style
A strict dress code does not imply overtly fitting clothing. But if the office is smart casual, wear skinny as part of a suit with a fitted blazer or button-down vest. Skinny duet with a white shirt suitable for hot weather. Choose shoes from shoes: with black trousers – black, with trousers of a different color – beige.

A white shirt, buttoned, will add a formal touch to the image. Add a set of black skinny and shirts with a thin cardigan or a cropped straight jacket. Try on a skinny with a blazer and a turtleneck, a neat monochromatic pullover.

Skinny for woman

Romantic style
A woman in pants on a date does not surprise anyone. Combine skinny with romantic satin blouses, lace tops, gentle tunics. Choose a neat clutch, stylish jewelry. Shoes fit shoes, sandals with thin heels and elegant mules.

Do not overdo it with frankness. Do not obtyagivat hips and open neckline. A deep neckline is acceptable in the case of a tunic covering the hips. If you prefer a short top, let it be discreet style.

Skinny summer

To the party
Choose one of two scenarios and build on it:

Skinny in the main role – pants with embroidery, rhinestones and other decorations in a tandem with a neutral top;
Skinny as a background – plain pants, complemented by a bright top, flashy accessories.
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In the sport chic format, wear women’s skinny with a bright olympic shirt with metallic colors, a colorful racer shirt. From shoes fit sneakers with rhinestones or pumps on the heels.

Skinny to the party

A more feminine look for a party is a fitted floral print top, a silk blouse, colorful pumps or original sandals.

On every day
Do not think about what to wear skinny to the store or for a walk. The choice is limited by the sense of style and features of the figure. Skinny combines with knit T-shirts and T-shirts, classic and long shirts, oversized sweaters, preppy-style pullovers, jackets, blazers, hoodie. Wear pants with sneakers or sneakers, boots or ankle boots, espadrilles or sandals.

Skinny fit
slender girls with beautiful legs and hips;
short women with high heels;
ladies with wide hips and narrow shoulders – with neat shoes and a top with deflated shoulders;
girls with slender legs and protruding tummy – with tunics and blouses with a slouch.
Who are not recommended skinny
girls with narrow hips, thin legs and broad shoulders;
women with full legs;
ladies with imperfect shape of the legs.
Anti-brand combinations
Narrow trousers are universal: there is no anti-trend model. It is not recommended to wear trousers and skinny jeans with flip-flops and beach slippers – feet look “out of season” in them.

Do not wear large jewelry with precious stones – leave them for evening dresses.

Skinny is called the next little black dress. Whatever the model of trousers were in trend, such pants are always present in the wardrobe of modern women.

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