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Spring-Summer Fashion Trends

In the coming spring-summer season, the trends of the fashion world are original and fresh. Designers offer fashionable women to try on bold outfits and spectacular images. But simplicity and classics also remain in trend.

Trendy colors of the year
According to the Pantone Color Institute, the spring-summer season will be held in natural colors. These are the colors of water, greenery and juicy fruits – cheerful mood and stylish combinations.


A subdued but pleasant denim shade. The color is suitable for creating casual and elegant images, combined with delicate pastel shades and maintains the neighborhood with contrasting bright colors.

Yellow primula

Vivid yellow floral shade. Ideal for a sunny summer, it combines wonderfully with blue and hazel.

Lapis lazuli

Deep blue tint, perfect in combination with rich yellow, pink, green. Light summer sundresses and warm sweaters for cool weather look spectacular in this color.


Bright red-orange shade. This color is self-sufficient, it is better for partners to choose a neutral variant – black, solid, gold.

Paradise Island

Light shade of sea wave. Looks amazing with light pink, white and beige. These combinations are suitable for summer dresses with a lot of ruffles and ruffles.

Hue “Paradise Island” always looks harmonious in naturalistic prints.

Pale dogwood

Pinkish powdery shade. It is optimal for silk and chiffon textures, suitable for cashmere coats and cardigans.


Juicy green-green tint. Rarely found as an independent shade, but it is widely used by designers as part of colorful outfits and images in the color-block style.

Pink Yarrow

Exotic pink shade, similar to fuchsia. Pink yarrow goes well with pale pink, purple, khaki.

Curly cabbage

Dark green tint, which is often associated with military style. In addition to the military theme, the color is suitable for creating light summer images with a floral theme.


Hue nude scale. Suitable for calm and discreet outfits. The color is easily combined with juicy shades that are relevant in the coming season.

The above-mentioned shades are recommended by fashion designers and stylists to use not only in the wardrobe, but also in make-up, creating balanced trend images.

We form a fashionable wardrobe
Before shopping, review the wardrobe, and even better – the wardrobe of mom or older sister. There is a high probability that an undeservedly forgotten thing will turn out to be at the height of fashion in spring – trends are sending us 30 years ago!

Lurex and metallic sheen come back to the podiums with bold mini-skirts, banana pants and massive shoulders. Kenzo and Isabelle Maran made a bet on wild red, the designers Gucci chose a deep blue, Yves Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana dressed the models in a leopard print, and in the Ungaro Fashion House worked on the eternal black, adding massive sparkling jewelry.

Complicated suit
Men’s-style suits have long become an element of women’s wardrobe, but in the coming season, classic sets take on a different look. These are asymmetrical details, oversize, fringe and even knitted hoods. Louis Vuitton offers an elegant version with a skirt-shorts, and Vetements show a relaxed suit with culottes and long sleeves.

Jumpsuit with zipper
Silver zipper became the main detail in Versace overalls, Phillip Lim and Marcus & Almeida, Hermes and Max Mara presented models in soothing pastel shades, and Kenzo relied on the aforementioned 80s, creating a brilliant black overalls with bright detail.

Sports trend
When creating sports-style outfits, designers continued to refer to the 1980s. Today, nylon windbreakers and loose pants with elastic at the bottom, as well as cyclists and polo shirts with hoods and catchy lettering are in fashion.

Again strip
Do not rush to put aside last year’s striped things, the trends of spring 2017 are a variety of stripes in clothing and accessories. Vertical and horizontal, two-color and multi-color, wide and small strips adorn collections of such brands as Balmen, Miu Miu, Fendi, Uma Wang, Ferragamo, Max Mara.

Cozy coats
Coat trends for the spring of 2017 are elegant and sophisticated models, while this is not always a fitted cut and neutral shades. Often met on the catwalks oversize coat length below the knee with bulky shoulders. Remain in the trend of capes, from the new products we note the coat-kimono with a smell and without fastener.

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