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Treads – with what to wear trend boots

High boots-treads are difficult to combine with other things. Often the boots look vulgar or distort the silhouette of a girl. But on fashion podiums, these models of boots are held for many years, so you need to know what to wear boots with.

Heeled Treads
This model is ideal for ladies of small stature. It is a mistake to suppose that stunted beauties do not go to stunted beauties – a competent image with boots on miniature girls is appropriate. What to wear with heels:

Skirt or dress to the knee. A flared knee-length skirt will allow others to appreciate the height of the tops of their boots, while you will remain feminine. A straight sheath dress of a free cut or even in oversized style is no less successful option.
Skirt or mini dress. Kit risks seem defiant, but has the right to exist. To avoid incidents, wear tight tights or leggings to match boots. Another trick – add a mini-skirt with an elongated coat or cardigan, which you can not zip up.
Skinny Treads with tight-fitting trousers look stylish and relaxed. It can be skinny to tone boots or jeans in traditional shades. In warm weather, complement the outfit with a sweater or jacket, on cold days, wear a bomber jacket or black leather jacket.
Coat or raincoat. A raincoat length midi or knee complement the outfit with boots. Try on high boots with a cap and long gloves or with an extended sheepskin coat.
What to wear boots
If you have full shins, give preference to stable heel variations. Slender girls can let the boots on a thin hairpin.

Flat boots
Treads on a flat sole or on a tiny Viennese heel – everyday non-aggressive option. Try on boots without heels with short shorts, accompanied by tight tights of the same color as the boots.

What can I wear with fashionless women wearing heels without heels? Boots look with light-colored jeans and printed skinny pants. Underline the slimness of the legs of a model with a wide shaft. Fashion trend – boots with a soft ankle-accordion, which are also suitable for slender ladies.

Full girls are also interested in what to wear boots – the photo shows that the corpulent physique allows the use of high boots in the preparation of the image. Choose boots from matte black leather with a neat cape, wear a straight knee-length dress or a classic coat.

Suede Treads
Suede boots without heels – the safest model of high boots. Cozy suede makes any look neutral, but not boring. Look suede boots with a boot to mid-thigh and above. Smooth shades of suede will smooth the aggressiveness of high boots:

Suede boots with heels look feminine and tender. They are worn with fitted coats, skirts of thick lace, and even with chiffon dresses. Combine suede boots with leather goods – jackets, skirts, bags.

Suede Heeled Treads

Treads Stockings
Fashionable boots boots-stockings every year become higher. The upper, made of elastic leather, suede or latex, has long been hidden under the shortest skirts. These boots are suitable for girls with smooth and slender legs. The ideal combination is a flared cloak or a fitted coat of medium length. Charming high boots with a volume knitted dress look charmingly. Stylists recommend to combine boots with cocktail dresses of a certain style – with an opaque lower mini skirt and a translucent loose top skirt to the knee or even on the floor.

As the top skirt can act dense fringe. A set of suede boots and a suede double skirt with a long fringe, made in a single color scheme, looks original.

Boots boots-stockings

bodily-colored boots with kapron tights;
boots with tights in the net;
varnish boots;
boots and deep cleavage;
leather leggings with suede boots;
trousers over boots, stockings.
If you are determined to pay tribute to fashion and purchase actual boots this season, take into account fashionable recommendations and create your own style!

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