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Flared jeans – fashion returns

Looking through the latest collections of fashion houses, it becomes clear that again flared jeans – women’s flared denim trousers are in trend. What are modern flare jeans, who are suitable for such models, with which to combine fashionable pants – let’s find the answers to urgent questions.

Who are flared jeans
Often, amateur stylists write that flared jeans slim the figure. This is not so – wide models of jeans add volume to the lower part of the silhouette, and flared jeans from the knee fit the hips, emphasizing the imperfection of the forms. To appear slimmer in flared jeans, follow the rules:

Choose high waisted jeans. Such models will increase the height and length of the legs, visually stretched silhouette;
Let the jeans be so long that the heel, and ideally all the shoes, are completely hidden under the trousers;
wear flared jeans with high heel or platform shoes to make your legs visually longer;
choose dark colors of jeans, avoid motley prints and horizontal ornaments.
If you have full hips and big buttocks, do not give up fashionable jeans – wear a flare from the knee with an elongated coat and cardigans to hide the problem area.

Choose flared hip jeans from thin denim, otherwise your legs will turn into massive columns. Slender girls of small stature will add a few centimeters, picking up high-waisted jeans with flared from the knee.

How To Wear Flared Jeans From The Knee
These jeans fit into the outfit in the style of boho, sea, casual, country, western.

Bohemian style
Elongated linen tunics with ethnic embroidery, embossed cotton blouses, knit T-shirts and denim vests, neat velor jackets with fringe. Do not forget about the jewelry – there should be a lot of them; necklaces with wooden beads, leather or rope bracelets, handmade accessories, baggy bags will do.

Casual style
Cropped jacket with fitted top. The wider the flare, the more compact the top of the dress. Tight turtlenecks and pullovers, thin sweaters, fitted shirts, knitted T-shirts and T-shirts will do. An elegant look with a straight knee-length coat.

Country style
A country-style look – flared blue jeans, a lightweight chintz or shawl blend with ruffles and a wide-brimmed hat.

Flared jeans

Business style
The image, close to business, will turn out from flared jeans of a calm shade and a blazer from the same fabric. Wear a plain top or tank top underneath. Look good trimmed vests, cardigans with buttons.

How To Wear Flared Hip Jeans
Slender women of fashion wear trousers with thin blouses and shirts, tucking into jeans and forming a small overlap. Tight-fitting top looks harmoniously – turtlenecks and t-shirts from knitwear, slim shirts, vests and even corsets.

If you find it hard to imagine how flared jeans fit you, a photo will help to sort out this issue. Compare yourself with the models in the photo – height, body features, style preferences.

Perfectly look wide jeans with a short straight jacket. Slender girls fit a set of wide jeans and a free top, complete with a belt that emphasizes the fragility of the silhouette and the slim waist. If you are confident in the shape, try on flared jeans with a crop top. Waistline on jeans should be inflated.

What to wear with jeans flare

We select shoes
It is better to wear shoes with flared jeans that lengthens the legs – shoes with heels or wedges, sandals or platform shoes. When the jeans cover the shoes, the lower part of the silhouette is pulled out. If you are wearing very wide jeans, do not complement them with pointed shoes or a thin pin. Let the heel be steady, and the cape narrow or rounded.

As part of a Western-style look, wear cowboy boots with a beveled heel. Going to work, choose loafers, oxfords or derby heels.

If a tall and leggy girl wears flared jeans, shoes are allowed at low speed. Boho lovers wear flared jeans with flat sandals and oriental-style mules. In summer, moccasins and espadrilles, slippers are appropriate, in cool weather – loafers and Viennese derby heels.

Flared Knee Jeans

Anti-brand combinations
Women’s flared knee jeans with a low waistline shorten the legs and look old-fashioned.
The fashion for jeans-flared shows that you should not wear trousers with voluminous top – jackets-bombers, leather jackets with shoulder pads, jackets with decorative epaulets.
Do not wear jeans that do not cover your shoes, or at least the heel.
The flared jeans with flared top of dense fabric, for example, with a cap, do not fit.
Do not wear high-toed boots to jeans – it is visible through the pants, which looks ridiculous.
Full girls are not recommended to wear flared jeans with knit skin-tight tops – the top of the figure seems loose.

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