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Michael Kors bag: 5 signs of a fake

Paying a lot of money for a bag, we want to make sure that it is truly branded. Having studied 5 points, you easily calculate a fake.
The original bag of Michael Kors is packed according to the scheme. The product is supplied in a corporate paper bag with the brand logo. The package is tight and smooth, keeps its shape well. A thin package that is easily crumpled indicates a fake. Bags for sale in Russia are delivered in packages of cream color.

Do not be afraid if you received the bag in a yellow or white bag. Yellow color means that the bag is from the old collection and was stale in the warehouse – a few years ago the bags were yellow. In white bags, Michael Kors bags are delivered to US stores. If you receive a white package in Russia, most likely you have overpaid for delivery – your bag arrived from Asia to America, and then came back to our mainland.

In the paper bag is a plastic transparent bag, and in it – boot – a textile case for storing the bag. The boot is sewn from a soft-touch white fabric with a matte surface. The name of the brand is written on the case. Previously produced anthers cream color with a round emblem Michael Kors – this is also the original. In anther fake fabric is synthetic, shiny and electrified.

In the anther lies the bag itself, packed in bamboo paper. A paper roll is fixed by a sticker. Not all bags are fully packed in paper. Only fittings can be packaged. Transparent paper or with brand logo.

Lack of paper, plastic film instead of paper, colored paper – signs of a fake.

How to distinguish the original Michael Kors from a fake

Price tag
The price tag on the original bag is light brown in color, identical to the color of the paper bag. Counterfeit bag Michael Kors – this is the price tags of any shades: bright orange, white, green, dark brown, yellow. On the price tag of the original bag is registered information:

price in US dollars;
barcode – a kind of bar code;
product size;
vendor code;
color of the bag;
The main sign of a fake is a suspiciously low price.

Inside, a Michael Kors bag can be leather, velvet trimmed or have a textile lining. The lining in the original bag is not glued to the bottom, it turns out. The lining is made of dense viscose with a matte surface. On the fabric or barely noticeable circles of the brand logo, or spelled the name of Michael Kors.

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Regardless of the type of lining inside the bag 2 inserts – white and transparent. The date of bag manufacturing is indicated on the transparent lining, on the white – ten-digit code – information on the model and batch number. Old-fashioned bags contain one stitch – indicating the batch number and the country of origin. Michael Kors bags are made in China, Vietnam and Indonesia, very rarely in Turkey.

Original Michael Kors

In addition to tags in the inner pocket of the bag branded business card. It shows the material from which the bag is made. Some collections include the presence of a branded envelope with a miniature book inside, in addition to a business card.

Signs of a fake:

the lining is glued to the bottom of the bag, it can not be unscrewed;
glossy, shiny lining surface;
bright dark brown or yellow logos or inscriptions are applied on the lining;
there is no business card indicating the material.
On each element of the accessories laser engraving – the inscription “Michael Kors” or the brand logo. Zippers, carbines, locks, buckles, rings of handles, even legs and magnetic clips have an engraving.

If you compare the elements of accessories of the original bag and fakes, in the original the accessories are heavier, although the total weight of the original product is less.

Inside the bag – a long strap on carabiners. The belt is wrapped in bamboo transparent paper. If the belt in plastic wrap – in front of you is a fake.

Fake Michael Kors

Often, the original Michael Kors can be distinguished from a fake at first glance. Pay attention to the quality of the seams – in the original they are smooth. Nowhere will there be protruding threads, peeling off areas and glue stains. Look at the bag from the end – the form should be smooth. Take a look at the handles – at the fake on the bend of the handles, the material is gathered into folds, in the original everything is exactly. The inscription Michael Kors on the original bag is depressed, on the fake it is simply glued on top.

When transporting any bag slightly wrinkled. Branded Michael Kors bags quickly restore shape. A fake may never return form, traces of creases will remain.

A fake smells – branded bag does not smell. If you trust the tactile sensations, you will distinguish a fake by touch. The original bag is soft and smooth.

Fraudsters know about all the intricacies. If the fake is different from the original, it means that the unscrupulous manufacturers wanted to save money and time to manufacture the goods.

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