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How to wear pumps – versatile fashion shoes

Boats are called open women’s shoes without buckles and straps. The boats can be on the heel or on the wedge, with a sharp, rounded or open cape, the shape remains unchanged – the similarity with the vessel of the same name is obvious. Boat shoes are versatile and necessary in the women’s wardrobe in at least one copy.

Where did the boat fashion go?
The prototype of modern boats is considered men’s open shoes, which appeared in the XV century. Boats gained popularity and by the XIX century became an obligatory element of the dress code for women in English courts – then shoes were made of fabric.

In the middle of the twentieth century, the boats found a thin cape and a stiletto heel – such shoes perfectly fit the style of NewLuk, which personifies the grace and sophistication of female nature. Roger Vivier, a Frenchman, made a weighty contribution to the history of boats: he endowed shoes with a sharp nose and a high hairpin at that time – 8 cm. The designer gave his own name to each shoe model – pyramid, wedge, needle; .

Legendary actress Marilyn Monroe made a real symbol of sexuality out of stiletto boats, by which time the heel had already reached 10 cm. With the advent of the fiery dance, the twist of the boats became lower again, and the cape became rounded.

Great Coco Chanel made her shoes recognizable – she came up with a cape that is different in color from the rest of the shoe. Now Chanel Fashion House even produces sports shoes with a cape that differs in color.

Modern boats are striking variety – the height and shape of the heel, wedge, the most daring colors, suede, leather, satin, denim and other materials allow you to choose shoes for any dress.

Fashionable images with boats
A flirty strapless dress with a wide flounce of skirt perfectly complement the black boat – an excellent choice for a festive event during the day or a party at the club. The image is designed for a slim girl who will feel confident in an open tight dress. Golden accessories can be replaced with red, then outfit will be impudent.

Stiletto Heels Shoes
Beige pumps are suitable for the office, complete with a beige dress-case with a detachable waistline. Complement the outfit with a thin strap to match the dress and handbag in a business style. Use a light scarf, which upon arrival at work take off. An integral part of the image of a business lady is a watch, a watch on a leather bracelet in the same color scheme as the entire outfit will fit here.

Shoes with heels
Bright yellow yellow pumps with heels and a small yellow handbag will help to revive ordinary skinny jeans. A summer print sleeveless blouse lightens the look, while palm tree earrings support a tropical theme. If you go shopping, replace the compact handbag with a roomy reticule with long handles.

Black pumps shoes
The romantic image with white boats is a flared light blue skirt with a bow and an embossed white top with a large flounce. Make the outfit bright and warm with a pink shade in the form of a clutch and a bracelet. Such an outfit is suitable for a date, and romantic natures will love it for a casual look.

What to wear shoes with shoes is not difficult to decide, but there are several recommendations on how to wear these shoes. Do not combine boats with such things as:

wide palazzo trousers;
flared maxi skirts;
dresses to the floor (with the exception of narrow dresses with a high slit).
Elegant shoes are designed to emphasize the harmony and beauty of women’s legs, and the above items of clothing hide legs and the need for such shoes disappears.

Recently it was possible to add that classic shoes are not worn with sportswear. But the modern style of sport-chic even welcomes this combination. Knit skinny, a loose jersey or oversized t-shirt with a sports team emblem and heeled pumps are a nice party outfit.

How to wear shoes – a few rules
Black court shoes are perfect for business suits and cocktail dresses in dark colors.
White shoes choose for romantic dresses, cocktail dresses in pastel shades.
Beige pumps will be useful when there is a risk to overload a saturated image with details; bodily shoes are considered to be a versatile option, in which even black shoes are superior.
Red pumps embellish a casual look with jeans; Wearing red shoes with a smart dress, reduce the number of accessories to a minimum.
Pointed toe shoes are ideal as a complement to elegant dresses and strict suits.
Boats with a rounded cape fit for everyday wear, they are simple and comfortable.

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