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Skirt-pack – make up trendy images for any occasion

The tutu is no longer just an attribute of the stage costume – women of fashion around the world are actively using a tulle skirt to create everyday outfits. But doubts about what to wear a skirt, pack, visited by many girls – this is a specific model that requires a special approach to design.

Where did the fashion for the pack go
A tutu in ballet appeared in 1839 after the premiere of the production “La Sylphide” – the main role was played by the miniature Italian Maria Tagloni, who appeared before the public in a lush tutu. The girls, far from dance art, drew attention to the tulle skirt after the clip of the singer Madonna, where the actress was wearing a white tutu – 1984.

The main heroine of the series “Sex and the City” has repeatedly appeared on the screen in packs of different colors, lengths, styles – this gave the green light to the fashionistas, who immediately dressed in similar skirts. For nearly 10 years, a tutu skirt has decorated the world’s catwalks, and each brand has sought to include it in the new collection.

Stylish looks with a skirt-pack
Tutu skirt in the photo with black leggings under the skin and lace-up boots – a bold party outfit. Maintain a glam-rock style jacket and a rich make-up. Wear a black skirt and colored leggings, and shoes replace boots with stiletto heels or boots with a tight leg. Images with a skirt-pack and a jacket with a leather jacket can be everyday as well, if you choose less aggressive colors and materials.

Tutu skirt

Feminine skirt with corset tops. White ballet skirt and retro corset are best complemented by ballet shoes. Although the tutu and ballet flats remind of dancing, shoes with low speed are more appropriate than stilettos that would make the image provocative and brash.

What to wear with a skirt tutu

To work, choose a skirt-pack of moderate length in a quiet shade, choose a blouse for it, in cool weather, complete the image with a shortened jacket. Shoes with a steady heel with a rounded cape support the theme of retro and give comfort to the legs.

Tutu skirt long

The image for every day is a tutu skirt and top, in our case it is a knitted long sleeve, to which textile ballet flats are selected. In hot weather, use simple tops and shirts, and choose sandals or sandals as shoes. Looks great on the slim figure tutu and crochet top, any skirt-pack – long or short will do. A light pullover or a turtleneck, a knitted jumper or a sleeveless shirt are also in harmony with the tulle skirt as part of everyday looks.

Tutu skirt black

How can not wear a pack – anti-trending:
skirt-packs are not recommended for girls with curvaceous – such clothing adds volume;
tutu skirt for girls is a good choice, but a lady over 40 in such a skirt will look frivolous;
Do not wear voluminous tutus with a loose, balaclava top – if you wear a loose top, fill it with a skirt;
It is not recommended to choose a lace top as a top for a bundle – this is bust;
although modern youth do not miss the chance to demonstrate their courage and extravagance, putting on a pack with sneakers, the combination looks ridiculous.
How to choose a skirt-pack?
To make the new skirt fit into the existing wardrobe, keep in mind a few points when choosing. When buying a pack, pay attention to the following criteria:

Material: tulle, veil, organza – packs are sewn from transparent weightless materials, but tulle is most often used, it is affordable and easy to process;
length: mini skirts will suit young fashionable women, and girls over 30 will wear midi or full-length skirts (midi length should be avoided if you have full caviar);
volume: the most lush tutus – clothes for young people, the older the woman, the less voluminous the skirt should be;
color: packs sew monophonic, in pastel shades. In honor of the stylists and fashionistas tutu skirt white and black.
It will not be out of place to think in advance with what clothes and shoes you will be wearing to get a new thing – this will help you choose the optimal color and volume of the skirt.

Tutu skirt for full
The fluffy tutu skirt adds extra volume to the hips and makes the overall silhouette larger, so stylists do not recommend corpulent fashionistas to wear tutus. If you decide on a bold experiment, pick up a knee-length skirt with a minimum volume. Let it be one layer of tulle and a tight case.

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A skirt with a high waistline and a wide belt is suitable; such a model will mark the waist and accentuate the bust, while hiding extra kilos on the sides and abdomen. It will help stretch the silhouette vertically outfit in one color – pick up the top, which will merge with the skirt, becoming its continuation. The perfect choice is a black tutu-skirt, black-fitting blouse, flesh-colored pumps on a delicate heel.

Light and airy tutu skirt will emphasize your femininity and fragility, and harmonious combinations of things will allow you to be in trend and look luxurious.

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