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In pursuit of fashion: is it worth blindly to follow the trends?

Today, fashion in our lives is very important. Often we evaluate certain phenomena, make certain decisions and make choices based on the popularity and relevance of the object of attention. At the same time, the very word fashion is associated, first of all, with clothing, a catwalk and the fashion industry in general.

However, in reality, fashion (from the Latin. Modus or fr. Mode, which means a prescription, a rule, a measure) is a broad concept, referring not only to clothing, footwear and accessories. It denotes the dominance at a certain point in time of a certain style in various spheres of our life. There is a fashion for home interiors, landscape design, literature, architecture, cuisine, nature of leisure and entertainment, certain habits and even the maintenance of certain animals (for example, it is very important today to start house dogs (shih-tzu, Yorkshire terriers, Chihuahua).

Blindly following fashion is to become a victim, to lose one’s own individuality and to start replacing your real desires with imposed stereotypes. And this concerns again not only the wardrobe. So. For example, during the period when piercing gained high popularity, many, without understanding, were tingling for themselves everything that was possible: from nose and tongue to, excuse me, intimate places. This, of course, is a personal matter of everyone, but such a number of punctures on the body can adversely affect health and leave unaesthetic marks. The only thing that is always important, safe and allowed from early childhood is ear piercing.

And so in everything: you should not choke on land, if you do not like them or arrange an apartment in Japanese style, which depresses you and is inconvenient in everyday life, simply because now it is fashionable. We need a reasonable and rational approach to all trends in all areas. After all, smoking can become fashionable or alcohol abuse. It is unlikely that such a trend is worth your health.

But some of the trends that have emerged recently, to follow is simply necessary. For example, nowadays, proper nutrition, various sports, yoga, Pilates, strip dance, cardio training, swimming and other moderate exercise that supports health and brings harmony to our lives is considered very relevant. Even today it is fashionable to be an educated person. No one will call a “botan” one who diligently learns not in one, but in two or more universities at once, studies languages, is interested in history, culture, art, politics, religion; attends theater, ballet, museums, libraries.

In addition, today it is very fashionable to take care of yourself, visit salons, beauty centers in order to maintain natural beauty and preserve youth. Actual procedures and techniques that are effective and safe and allow, without surgical intervention, eliminate any aesthetic defects and shortcomings.

For example, plasma-lifting is very effective – a patented technology based on the introduction of plasma under the skin, which in turn causes the formation of substances related to the skin of collagen and hyaluronic acid. As a result, you can get rid of wrinkles, blackheads; prevent premature aging and significantly improve the appearance of the skin.

Thus, it is important to be discriminating in current trends and to be able to determine what is really to your liking and good. Only then will you look and feel fashionable, not uncomfortable and ridiculous.

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